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Works by Kincheloe, Lawrence, and Hartshorn-Walton


TuBari have the solid balance of a tripod, but they're not afraid to make you think they might topple over. Therein lies the rich pleasure of surprise. From gently furious funkiness to quiet ruminations across undulating landscapes, TuBari offer a friendly invitation into their big wide world.” - David Greenberger

— Duplex Planet


Ottawa Jazz Festival June 2023

Tubari is a unique jazz trio of Bari Sax, Tuba and drums. Brought together by their mutual friend and inspiration, Howard Johnson, Saxophonist Erik Lawrence (Levon Helm, Millennial Territory Orchestra) and Tubaist Keith Hartshorn-Walton (Bank Street Bonbons, Foothills Brass) began working together in 2019, with a series of concerts in Ottawa. 

Drummer Bram Kincheloe (Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds) was added in 2020 for a series of online collaborations during the pandemic. This culminated in a special performance at the 2021 virtual Tuba Euphonium Conference presented by ITEA (International Tuba Euphonium Association). 

Featuring original compositions by the members, and diving into the jazz tradition of adventure and energy, the trio features expressive deep grooves,ranging from contemplative to uproarious. The tuba and bari sax exchange roles of virtuosity and support, backed by the creative and soulful drumming of Bram Kincheloe. 

Tubari are in the process of releasing their debut CD recorded this Spring, and are planning a 2023 Canadian Tour, where they are already booked at the Ottawa Jazz Festival.